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What Is Retaliation in the Workplace in Miami?

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Retaliation in the Workplace can occur more often than most people expect. The official definition of workplace retaliation is when your employer makes a discriminatory or unfair action against you because you engaged in protected activity like participating in an investigation. 

Here at PereGonza, The Attorneys, our Miami employment lawyers can help you identify if you have experienced retaliation or not. Many times, victims do not recognize when they are being retaliated against because it may not always be so obvious. There are times when the action can be straight forward like an employee getting fired or demoted purposefully but in many cases, it is easy to miss when the employer is strategically covering up the underline reasons for treating employees differently, that’s where your Miami employment lawyer can help clarify the situation.

 It is also important to know the difference between retaliation in the workplace and wrongful termination (Wrongful Termination in the Workplace) this link will transfer you to an article that further explains wrongful termination. In any event, both wrongful termination and retaliation are wrong and Florida laws protects employees against these actions. Always make sure to speak to a Miami employment lawyer to understand your rights and weigh out the options available. 

What To Do If I Experience Retaliation In My Workplace

If you have the slightest feeling that you are experiencing retaliation in the workplace, the most important step you can take is to contact a Miami employment lawyer to help you clarify and understand how you can approach the problem. The most important thing to understand is that every case is different, so you always want to go through your specific set of facts before you discard the possibility of filing your claim. A Miami employment lawyer will listen to your facts and help determine if there are any inclinations towards a possible retaliation or any other claims associated with your employment. A good Miami Employment Lawyer like our team at PereGonza, The Attorneys, will explain your rights and help collect evidence available to back up your claim and build a strong case for you. Evidence can be direct or physical evidence but there is also circumstantial evidence that can derive from the circumstances presented by your employer. This means that just because you do not have a smoking gun of evidence it does not mean you do not have a case. On the contrary, good strategic attorneys can help to make the proper arguments and find the circumstances to help find the truth and get justice. 

Here at PereGonza, The Attorneys our team of  Miami employment lawyers provide a free consultation to examine your case and help you throughout the process. If we find that you may have a case we take these cases on a Contingency Fee basis which means that you only pay if we win the case.


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