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PereGonza The Attorneys is a fast-growing law firm that concentrates on unconventional lawyering and legal representation. We are not like other firms, we run more like a technology company in the sense that we make the legal experience easy, smooth and exceptional in client usability. Everyone who works here at PereGonza The Attorneys is an A player, we are passionate about what we do, we are self driven, and we want to help real  people. Join one of the fastest growing law firms today and be part of something bigger.

Associate attorneys

Homeowners Insurance

Our team of homeowner insurance litigation attorneys are fierce lawyers that seek justice for homeowners that receive damage to their home and need the insurance company to do the right thing. We litigate for homeowners and fight for their home, where their families live.


Employment law is a craft that requires a certain passion and attention to detail that not all litigators are capable of taking on. Our team of employment law litigators are fighters of justice that are so passionate about helping their clients that they go above and beyond for justice. Whether it is unpaid wages or discrimination our legal team is set on helping and getting the job done.

Personal Injury

At PereGonza The Attorneys, personal injury associates are passionate about helping victims of accidents, slip and falls and negligence. Our team strives to fight insurance companies and get just compensation for injured victims.

Legal Assistant

Our team of legal assistants are exceptional professionals that work with our experienced attorneys to navigate through the legal process and create the best outcome for our Clients.

Homeowners Insurance

Our team of homeowner insurance legal assistants work with our attorneys to litigate and fight on behalf of homeowners. These professionals understand that we are dealing with clients homes, where their families sleep and live. This is why they are passionate about helping our Clients through the legal process.


Our team of employment legal assistants work behind the scenes with our employment litigators to help victims of unpaid wages and discrimination. This team of professionals handle pushing cases through the EEOC along with navigating federal court cases with the direction of our legal team.

Personal Injury

Personal injury legal assistants are an intricate part of the litigation process. At PereGonza The Attorneys, our legal assistants work with our knowledgeable attorneys and communicate with clients to move the injury case forward and seek just compensation for injury victims.

Office Staff


Litigation is scary for many clients, regardless of what the case may be. Our receptionist and front desk specialist ofer elite customer service to every single Client. Sometimes all people need is to know that someone cares.

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