You Need Attorneys That Care About You.

We fight for Personal Injury Victims, Employees, and Families.

1. Personalized Service From a Professional Attorney, NOT a Case Worker.

2. Real one on one Attention to Your Case.

3. Pay Us Nothing Unless We’re Successful for You.*

This is Our Promise to You.

*Only Contingency Fee-based cases.
** Free Case Evaluations apply only to contingency Fee-based cases. A consultation fee may apply to other types of cases.

PereGonza is an AV Peer Rated law firm.
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We Have Settled THOUSANDS of Cases For Our Clients

Main Areas of Practice

We are the official attorneys of the Doral Chamber of Commerce.


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What sets us apart? Everything.

Yes, we mean it! When you hire PereGonza The Attorneys to represent you in the areas of homeowners insurance claims, business & family law, or a slip & fall, we want to treat you to more than a service. We want PereGonza The Attorneys to be an exceptional experience for you.

Whether you need contracts for your business, considering filing for divorce, or sustained an injury due to an accident or slip and fall, we are the attorneys you can count on. We’ve been able to help many businesses and individuals in Miami and throughout South Florida make it through life’s most difficult challenges. Our goal is to offer you an experience that puts you at the center of the decision making process.

We will be fair, dependable, and honest in every step of our business relationship. This is our promise to you. This is the difference maker. This is PereGonza The Attorneys and we are here to change your life. Let’s get started!


As your lawyers, it is our job to figure out the best way to solve your problem. This means you need someone that can think creatively and is able to understand the importance of your case.


The best relationships are those that are built on honesty and trust. This means our objectives are intertwined and are working towards obtaining the best possible outcome for your situation.


We strive to provide nothing less than exceptional quality service, and we are able to accomplish this by hiring only the very best staff possible and maintaining a consistent level of service.

We solve problems for everyday people, but we are not like the others.

Let's just say, we are UNCONVENTIONAL LAWYERS™.

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TV appearances, namely, Univision, MegaTV, News cafe, Bayly, and radio.