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What is Wrongful Termination in Miami?

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Wrongful Termination, What is Bad Cause?
Unfortunately, statistics show that at one point or another the average person will encounter a bad work environment, and some may even become victims of wrongful termination. Although it is discouraging that exemplary workers can face unlawful dismissal, firing or in some cases constructive termination, there are laws that protect employees from these very unjust actions. There is nothing wrong with the firing of an employee for “just cause” or simply letting go of a worker for “no cause” at all; however, “bad cause” is where the termination can become unlawful. You should always speak with a Miami Employment lawyer to fully understand your rights and to fully understand the differences between lawful and unlawful terminations.

Wrongful Termination in Miami is when an employer fires the employee for an unlawful reason. The termination can be considered bad cause when the underline reason consist of the employees religion, age, color, sex, nationality, sexual orientation and other potential discriminatory reasons. If you feel this may apply to you then there is a chance that you may be eligible for monetary compensation damages. To understand what “bad cause” and “unlawful termination” entails in your particular case, a victim should always consider speaking with a Miami Employment Lawyer to truly understand their rights.

At PereGonza the attorneys, we offer free case evaluations for employees that feel they have been wrongfully terminated. In legally applicable cases, we fight to use good law to make the employer pay the attorney’s fees associated with the case when possible. In many cases, we take these cases on a contingency fee bases which means you only owe us fees when you win the case.

What Should I Do If I Was Wrongfully Terminated?
If you feel like you have been wrongfully terminated, many times you can begin the legal process immediately after you have been laid off, fired, pushed out or informally asked not to return to work. If you formally resign because you cannot take it anymore, an argument may be made that such action is a result of “constructive termination”. This only applies in some cases and only when certain requirements are appropriately met but it happens more often than you may think.

In any case, it is important that you always make sure to speak with a Miami Employment Lawyer immediately, even if you’re truly not sure whether your terminations was “just” or not. If you feel something is wrong at work, even before you have been let go, you must speak to a professional, a Miami employment lawyer like our team at PereGonza The Attorneys, will go over your rights and legal options to help you understand what can legally be done in your particular situation.

Remember that every case is different and only a Miami employment lawyer can help you understand what legal remedies are available to you. A Miami employment lawyer is always there to help you and they will be sure to guide you through the process of understanding your rights. A good lawyer will ask if there is any direct evidence (which is when the employer wrote or verbally told you that you are being fired for discriminatory reasons), Disparate evidence (this is not directly said but shows the termination occurred because of discrimination), or Contractual evidence (a contract formed when you were hired stating that you can’t be fired before a specific date or without certain events and regulations), these are all useful elements in proving your case. If you truly aren’t sure about evidence or whether there is a case at all, do not worry, our team at PereGonza The Attorney’s is here for you. We are employment lawyers focused on protecting employees and fighting for workers rights. Our professionals aim to make sure that employees are not being taken advantage of and fight for their rights to be restored. Our team of Miami employment lawyers offer a free case evaluation for wrongful terminations, and if our team feels you have a case we take these cases on a contingency fee bases which means you do not owe us anything unless you win the case. You have nothing to lose, we are ready to help.


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