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How Much Time Do I Have to File a Miami Personal Injury Claim?

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Every accident case is different and unique in its own way and a good personal injury lawyer is always going to know that. However, there are things that will generally apply as far as procedural rules that govern the law or the Court. These rules do have exceptions so regardless of what you may read or hear the best possible thing anyone can do after an accident or injury is speak with a Miami personal injury lawyer in order to fully understand your rights. In Miami, Florida limits the amount of time for an injury lawsuit pursuant to statute. One must understand that if the injury occurs in Miami, it is more likely than not that the case must be litigated pursuant to Florida law. 

What Does Florida Law Say About My Time Limit For Filing A Miami Personal Injury Claim?

As per Florida Statue of limitations for personal injury cases, An individual has up to four years from the date of the personal injury to file a lawsuit in Florida civil courts. section 95.11(3). After an accident has occurred it is crucial for an individual to seek medical attention. Some Injuries can take time for effects to show. Now, there are exceptions that may apply in certain and unique cases so the best course of action is to always seek the advice of a Miami personal injury lawyer and go through the specifics facts of your case because that may determine a different approach. Regardless of the case specifics it is important that all injuries be documented to insure the best results in a lawsuit, waiting to receive medical treatment may trigger other legal limitations that can complicate and/or affect the case. That is why we cannot stress enough that any injury victim should make it a priority to speak to a Miami personal injury lawyer and understand all the rights associated with filing a claim. 

At PereGonza The Attorneys we can offer a free case evaluation where a Miami personal injury lawyer can review your specific case with you and discuss some of the details and possible strategies that may be  associated with your claim.  Our team of Miami personal injury lawyers can give you insight on what the best course of action for what your specific case may be. Fill out our personal intake form for more information.


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