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5 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Deny Property Damage Claims

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5 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Deny Property Damage Claims

Property damage can include damage to personal property because of others negligence, natural destruction like hurricanes, floods, fires, etc. Property damage is typically confused with Physical Injury but there is a very distinct difference. The difference is that in physical injury the damage was done to a person, not actual physical property. In other words, the damages would be attributed to the medical damage caused from something like car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and malpractices, just give a few examples.

Property Damage

Getting a property damage claim process started is devised of several steps. Normally, a claim is made to your insurance company to fix the damages, but there are several reasons why it might be denied, it is always important to contact a Miami Property Insurance lawyer to facilitate the process and help you understand why your claim was denied. Here at PereGonza The Attorneys, we offer free case evaluations for insureds and can help you understand why your claim was denied and make the next steps easy, it is a difficult situation to be in but our PereGonza Miami Property Insurance attorneys are here to facilitate the process.

Top 5 Reasons Claims are Denied

The top five reasons for a property damage claim to be denied include:

  1. Not filling claim on time

    you should immediately contact your insurance company after a disaster if you don’t it can lead to rejection for monetary compensation.

  2. Not paying monthly premium payments

    premium payments are an amount paid usually monthly to the insurance company by the insured for covering their damages.

  3. Scarce documentation of damages

    If the documentation provided is scarce, or insufficient then the claim is subject to be denied, it is important to take photos where you can visibly see the damages.

  4. Skeptical claim

    if the claim is skeptical or questionable then the claim will be denied.

  5. Insurance coverage

    another under looked reason for denial is that your coverage might not cover certain property damages or it may have restrictions associated with the coverage.

Hire a Miami Property Insurance Claim Lawyer

No matter what reason the insurance company gives, you should always speak with a Miami Property Insurance lawyer. A good property insurance lawyer can help you understand why your claim was denied and how to proceed and in many cases they can even help determine if your claim was unfairly denied (What Can I do If My Insurance Company Denies My Claim?), a good Miami property insurance lawyer, like our team of PereGonza will contact the Insurance directly and deal with all the complexities of the Claim including litigation, negotiation and. Settlement if Necessary. Here at PereGonza The Attorneys, our Miami Property Insurance lawyers offer free case evaluations and most important, if our team feels you have a case , we take these cases on a contingency fee bases which means you do not owe us anything unless we win the case. Our Miami Property Insurance lawyers are eager to help you in the next steps.

Written By: Ana Lugo


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