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What Is Personal Injury Protection?

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What Is PIP In Florida?

PIP (Personal Injury Protection) is meant to pay for injuries sustained through auto accidents regardless of if you were the one to cause the accident.  The intention of Personal Injury Protection in Florida is for drivers to be provided with up to $10,000 in immediate medical coverage, meaning there would not be as much of a delay when it comes to payments as it would be if trying to be compensated through the court system.  Even if you were at fault for an accident, you could still be compensated for medical costs, lost wages, and death benefits.

Seeing as you are interested in what PIP is and how it helps you, we believe you might also be interested in finding out more about No-Fault Insurance and how the two correlate. Understanding PIP would help you see how it plays its part in No-Fault Insurance.

What Are The Rules For PIP In Florida?

Florida Like anything in life, there are rules, especially when trying to claim your PIP.  The most important factor to remember is that you have to receive medical treatment within 14 days of your auto accident if you want to be eligible for your benefits.  If not, then you might not be able to receive any benefits from your Personal Injury Protection plan.

Note that once you receive the medical treatment, you do not automatically get $10,000.  There are procedures in place that need to be taken into account before receiving your benefit. 

Medical Costs Benefits

Something unique about PIP in Florida is that only 80% of your medical costs (subject to a $10,000 limit) will be covered in Florida, and that is assuming you have an emergency.  If you are not diagnosed with an emergency medical condition, you will only be entitled to a maximum of $2,500. Two additional rules imposed on PIP are:

  1. If the initial treatment is classified as an emergency medical condition, then you will only receive PIP coverage for the services related to your initial treatment.
  2. Massage and acupuncture therapy will not be covered by PIP, even though they are popular forms of treatment.

Lost Wages Benefits

If injured and unable to work, then Florida PIP may pay up to 60% of your lost wages (subject to a $10,000 limit).  But to receive this benefit, your employer must submit a wage and salary verification showing your gross wages for 13 weeks preceding the accident to your insurance provider. 

Death Benefits

There are no real benefits, but as far as PIP goes, a policyholder that was killed would have their funeral and burial paid.  A family member, or next of kin, would be entitled to $5,000 for the associated costs of their death.  

PereGonza Auto Accident Lawyers

At PereGonza The Attorneys, one of our specialties is helping people like you receive benefits from greedy insurance companies.  Our sharp auto accident lawyers can walk you through the process of claiming your PIP coverage. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and our abilities to find success for our clients!

PereGonza The Attorneys can offer a free consultation and give you insight on what the best course of action for what your specific case may be. Fill out our personal intake form for more information.

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