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Are You Ready For Tropical Storm Isaias?

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Will Tropical Storm Isaias Form?

According to the National Hurricane Center, Potential Tropical Cyclone #9 forming off the coast of Puerto Rico is expected to turn into a tropical storm called Isaias. Although it may be too early to determine whether it will become a hurricane it isn’t too early to prepare. Many South Florida residents make the mistake of not properly preparing for hurricane season which may affect your insurance claim for home damages. Below are a couple of recommendations from PereGonza The Attorneys when preparing for a tropical storm or hurricane.

Preparing For a Natural Disaster.

1. While pre-damage home inspections are optional some homeowners like having them done as a precaution. When homeowners have inspections done before a natural disaster it helps expedite the litigation process with insurance policies. At PereGonza The Attorneys, our homeowner litigation lawyers have seen insurance companies drag out these processes to avoid paying. Inspection reports showing no damage several days before a natural disaster leave no room for the insurance companies to argue the cause of the damages was not the actual storm.

2. While post-damage home inspections are done quite obviously after the storm has done its damage; they must be done in a timely manner. As a homeowner, you must have an inspection done as soon as possible to prevent insurance companies from denying your claim. It is highly recommended to inspect your property after a storm, identify any damages as soon as possible, and if necessary file a claim. If you wait to file a claim insurance companies might not cover all damages on the basis that you could have mitigated them but chose not too. Once you have assessed the damages at your home you should call PereGonza The Attorneys at (786)650-0202 to get a claim filed with your insurance company.

3. Arguably the most important step in preparing for Tropical Storm Isaias is going to be reviewing your home insurance policy. While it is possible for homeowners to review their own policies, it is not recommended. A seasoned homeowner litigation attorney will catch clauses and contingencies within your policy that would have been missed otherwise. At PereGonza the Attorneys, our homeowner litigation lawyers are currently offering free policy reviews to assist during these difficult times.

Free Policy Reviews/ Legal Help

If you would like to have a free policy review before hurricane season or a free inspection please call PereGonza The Attorneys at (786)650-0202. Our experienced homeowner litigation attorneys will make sure that you are covered before the storm.


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