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Why Can A Homeowners Insurance Company Deny My Claim?

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1. Insufficient Documentation

One of the main reasons homeowners insurance claims get denied is not providing enough information. As a Miami homeowner, you should supply detailed documentation of pre-existing damage to your property. As well as, do a complete inventory of valuables on your property prior to the loss. Before any hurricanes, our team of lawyers recommend homeowners to be aware of any pre-existing damage to your home. At Peregonza The Attorneys, we offer to send a professional to to do a free home inspection to identify any damage that may exist.

If damage does exists our team can help file a claim to get them repaired. If there are no damages, a proper inspection will document any pre-existing home damages. Documentation is useful in the event that your home experiences damage as a result of a hurricane. You also need to consider having a good attorney like our team of homeowners insurance lawyers at PereGonza The Attorneys to provide all the documentation needed for your insurance to cover your damages.

Documentation is also important to show that your home was in good standing prior to the hurricane. If your insurance has no evidence of maintenance or finds evidence of poor maintenance as a result of  normal wear-and-tear, there is a chance the claim will be denied.

2. Misinterpretation of the Damage

As a homeowner, it is also important to understand your insurance policy. At times, insurance companies may say that such damages are not covered by your homeowner insurance policy. Which is so important to be aware of any pre-existing damages. Additionally, policies may have language that is confusing understand. Using confusing language can create a grey area for insurance companies to avoid claims. Our homeowners insurance lawyers will argue insurance negligence by providing a detailed inspection with any pre-existing damages.

At Peregonza The Attorneys, our homeowners insurance lawyers will be sure to review your policy for free, determine what is covered, and send out a professional to inspect your home. As a Miami homeowner, hurricane coverage is a necessity but not all insurance policies cover the basic necessities. Which is why it is important to review any exclusions that may come with your insurance.

3. Damage Doesn’t Exceed the Deductible

Your home insurance deductible is the amount paid out of pocket before an insurance provider will pay any expenses. Therefore if the loss/ damages are below your deductible level, then your insurance company may not pay the claim. It’s crucial to have a complete understanding of what your policy includes and excludes at time of purchase, as there are other coverages like an umbrella insurance that can be added to your policy to help fill gaps in your coverage.

As you’ve noticed, home inspections are a crucial part of your claim. To set up a free inspection of your home, please fill out your information below for a free consultation with a Miami homeowners insurance lawyer and we will assist you with your claims.


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