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Research shows that the 10 most populous states in the United States account for close to $15 billion dollars stolen from workers in America each year. According to the Research Institute on Social and Economic Policy (RISEP), Miami-Dade County has the largest amount of documented wage theft cases (7,641) and the largest average amount of wage recovery per worker ($775) in the state of Florida. Unfortunately, most of these workers are low-income workers, people of color, immigrant workers, or females. One might think that unpaid overtime wages might have been an accident – but that is rarely the case. Employers know overtime pay laws just as well as they know their tax and regulatory business laws, which means they are taking advantage of their employees.

Miami Overtime Lawyers can assist you in these conflicts. You need help of the expert attorney who will fight for your money. The Florida Labor Standards Act (FLSA), contains a complicated set of rules about overtime exemptions and it can be confusing to workers that are not familiar with them. In Miami, you are entitled to receive full compensation for your work and a Miami Overtime Lawyer can make sure you become aware of your rights, are able to receive just compensation, and in some cases recover additional punitive damages against an employer who intentionally withheld pay.

On many occasions, workers are afraid to confront their employers about unpaid overtime as they fear retaliation from their employers and do not want to end up fired. The good news is that most of the employer’s retaliatory practices such as reducing hours, giving the worker undesirable shifts, reducing job duties, offering undeserved negative performance reviews, demoting the worker, and firing the worker are all illegal. Hiring a Miami Overtime Lawyer can put an end to this unfair treatment. Miami Overtime Lawyers have the resources workers do not have most of the time and this allows the lawyers to be precise about the specific violations and punish the employers effectively.

If you are victim of unpaid overtime at your job, chances are your co-workers might also be victims. A Miami Overtime Lawyer can aid you in filing one large lawsuit with a group of employees to combat your employer. Do not let your employer get away with a crime and contact a Miami Overtime Lawyer to fight with you.

Article by: Pedro Albino


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