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Why Should You Hire a Miami Property Damage Lawyer Instead Of a Public Adjuster?

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Why Should You Hire a Miami Property Damage Lawyer Instead Of a Public Adjuster? 

Has your property suffered damage? Are the damages more than you can pay? In this case, your homeowner’s insurance comes in handy. However, your insurance company may send out one of their adjusters and will estimate how much the claim is worth. Nevertheless, you may feel that you are entitled to more money based on your policy, damages and actual repair value. You will then be left with two options, hire a public adjuster or a Miami property damage lawyer. 

What Is a Public Adjuster And Why Shouldn’t You Hire Them? 

A public adjuster is a person who helps negotiate and argue damages with the insurance company. Insurance companies have their own adjusters who try to come up with the damage value and you have the option of hiring your own version to argue for you. These individuals are not lawyers and they cannot argue in court, file a lawsuit or leverage with the insurance companies. All they can do is discuss why they believe the damages are higher and negotiate to come to an agreement before a Miami property damage lawyer has to get involved. They visit your house and make their assessment based on the damages they see. That information will then be used as a basis for the damage amount they ask the insurance company to pay. When the public adjuster cannot convince the insurance company to pay the only option is for the homeowner to hire a Miami property damage lawyer. When this happens the adjuster hands over their estimate to the lawyer and the lawyer proceeds to use the law and policy information to force the insurance company to pay through the Court system and litigation.

Why Should I Simply Hire a Miami Property Damage Lawyer From The Beginning? 

The advantage of employing a Miami property damage lawyer is that they will be able to arrange the claim from the beginning and use their knowledge of the policy and power to litigate as a tool to force the. Insurance company to reason. Property damage lawyers, also approach a matter from a litigation perspective right from the inception of negotiations. A Miami property damage lawyer understand the law and they know that there can be very different legal matters that need to be handled that public adjusters are not licensed to do. For example, if your claim has been denied or undervalued, legal recourse may be available for you. 

 Miami property damage lawyers can go over your policy from the beginning to see if you’re covered and if the insurance company needs to make any payments. The Miami property damage lawyer can also perform a comprehensive investigation into prior and current house inspections, audits, and other documents on your property, which can aid in the resolution of your claim dispute. Here at PereGonza The Attorneys, we understand that dealing with insurance companies may be a very difficult and long process, which is why our main goal is to simplify the process of disputing insurance claims to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

What a lot of people do not know is that many lawyers like our team of property damage lawyers at PereGonza The Attorneys, take property damage consultations free and these cases are taken on a contingency fee basis which means the homeowner does not have to pay unless we win. If you feel your being short changed by the insurance company or they denied your claim you should always consider speaking with a Miami property damage lawyer as soon as possible. 

Article by: Alyssa Marie Otero


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