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What to check for if you believe you are the victim of unfair compensation?

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In these hard times having a job seems like a blessing, but that doesn’t mean you should be taken advantage of. Any worker that is under a contract with a business is entitled to overtime pay and minimum wage. This applies to minors and illegal immigrants. If you believe that your employer is underpaying you, here are the next steps you should take. Keep track of your pay stubs, this will help a Miami employment attorney to properly litigate your case. Your pay stubs should show total hours worked and your salary for that time whether you get paid weekly or bi-weekly. This should reflect your hourly wage and more if you work overtime.

How much should you be making for overtime work?

 It is truly all relevant for time worked as an employee. Every hour over 40 hours in a week for overtime you should make an hour and a half for every overtime hour worked. To put it simply, if you make ten dollars an hour, you should make 15 on overtime for every hour you work over 40 hours in a week..

This applies to W2 workers, and possibly some workers labeled as1099s, depending on the situation. If you have any doubts about your compensation rights as a worker, contact a Miami employment lawyer as soon as possible. At “PereGonza The Attorneys” we will fight for your right to fair wage. Many people get taken advantage of and they simply so not understand their rights, according to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), as stated above, all workers should be paid an hour and a half for every hour worked after 40 hours in one week.

At “PereGonza The Attorneys” our team of Miami employment lawyers will help investigate your case to determine whether your employer is paying unfair wages. We litigate all kinds of cases from construction workers and minors, to illegal immigrants, paid unfairly. If you have been the victim of unfair pay call us for a free consultation, our lawyers will be at your disposal ready and willing to help. Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that we only get paid when you win. At “PereGonza The Attorneys” our number one priority is that you receive justice. We work to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

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Article by: Keilly Miranda Torres


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