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What Do You Have To Prove To Win A Slip And Fall Case?

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Do You Qualify For A Slip And Fall Case?

Generally, slip and fall cases occur when an individual slips and falls and as a result sustains injuries on someone else’s property. These types of cases are a form of premise liability. Meaning that the establishment had a duty to ensure the safety of visitors through upkeep, advisement of potential hazards and proper maintenance, and failed to do so. If you sustained injuries as a direct result of this breach then you may qualify for compensation. Injuries from slip and fall cases are typically minor, they include but are not limited to broken bones, torn ligaments or tendons, and head injuries. Here at PereGonza, we offer free slip and fall consultations to help you receive the compensation you deserve. We are working for your best interest in mind at all times. We have a team of experienced Miami slip and fall attorneys who are more than willing to take on your case as well as make you aware of all options available to you.

Proving Negligence Within Slip And Fall

Negligence is when a party has a duty, then breaches that duty which directly causes damages to an individual. In order to receive compensation for you the Miami slip and fall attorneys at PereGonza need to prove that the property owner acted negligently and it was those negligent actions that caused your injuries. No matter the injuries sustained, proving negligent behavior within the property owner will be essential in winning your case. Simply falling and injuring yourself within someone else’s property does not necessarily qualify you for compensation. With slip and fall cases grounds for a civil suit or insurance claim can be found if the property owner 1 – knowingly caused or created the conditions that cause the fall, 2 – had an actual notice about the condition prior to the fall, or 3 – has a constructive notice about the condition prior to the fall. In most cases a defendant will not have actually created the conditions that cause a fall however, negligence can be found within a property owner’s inability to fix the condition, therefore, putting you at risk.

If the property owner or its workers were made aware of a potential hazard yet failed to repair it or advise you of it they will most likely be found negligent. For example, if a grocery store owner is made aware of an a/c unit leaking on the floor of an aisle yet fails to fix the leak, clean up the water, or place a caution sign making customers aware of the slippery floor he/she can most definitely be found negligent for any injuries sustained from the wet floor. For this reason, the Miami slip and fall attorneys at PereGonza use surveillance video, medical records, and other evidence to show that your injuries were sustained as a result of this hazard.

Determining Damages Proper Compensation

If the property owner is found to be negligent in your slip and fall by the courts then you will most likely be eligible for both monetary and non-monetary compensation. You may be entitled to non-monetary compensation for pain & suffering and mental anxiety or any other mental and physical effects that you now have to endure as a result of the property owners’ negligence. Just because you have not exhibited any medical bills doesn’t mean you do not deserve compensation. With that being said, the Miami slip and fall attorneys at PereGonza will make their best effort to ensure you get proper compensation if you have incurred any medical bills, or household bills as a result of your injuries.

At PereGonza our seasoned personal injury attorneys will work efficiently and aggressively get the compensation that you truly deserve by using copies of medical bills, receipts for out of pocket costs, and proof of lost wages from your employer. As efficient and caring Miami slip and fall attorneys, we will always do our absolute best to stop at nothing until you are justly compensated for the damages you have incurred.


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