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Does Your Insurance Protect Your Home From Mold?

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Why is Home Insurance important in South Florida?

South Florida is host to hurricanes, floods, thunderstorms, and many more erratic weather events that pose serious threats to your home. To further exacerbate the issue, Florida’s well-know humid climate does no favors for homeowners either. When many people think of home insurance, the first thoughts often jump to broken windows or damaged roofs. Those are serious problems but there’s a much less recognizable threat which could pose even greater dangers: mold. Keep reading to learn about the dangers of mold and why you need to make sure your insurance covers protection against mold.

Our team of attorneys here at PereGonza The Attorneys can offer a free evaluation of your homeowners’ insurance policy to let you know if you have this coverage and if you are protected. If you have mold in your home we can help you file a claim with your insurance company so that they can cover the damages pursuant to your policy. Our team also offers scheduled free inspections for your home with a professional along with a review of your insurance policy. We want to help!

Home Insurance and Hurricane Season

Mold may sound harmless, but its effects are anything but. To provide context for the dangers of mold and its spread throughout your household, let’s look at what may likely happen to the average Florida homeowner during Hurricane season. It wasn’t too long ago that Hurricane Irma swept through South Florida extensively damaging many homes. This extensive damage left many homes with broken roofs or windows, leaving houses with openings that would let in water and humidity. Once water enters your household it not only damages your possessions but it finds places in which to sit and, with the help of Florida’s humidity, develop mold.

The first danger of mold that most people don’t consider is its inconspicuous nature. Mold could be growing behind your walls or in your attic, leaving you completely unaware of its presence. The danger arises in the toxins repetitively inhaled by you and your loved ones as the home is not even detected to have mold yet. In Florida, it is extremely important to be aware of whether you have coverage for mold on your insurance policy because it is so easily exposed. Mold grows without clear signs at times and it is because of this that people ignore it and don’t notice that insurance companies deliberately may leave it out of their coverage. In Florida, it is inevitable that you or someone close to you will be affected by mold at their home and having an exclusion for mold coverage on your insurance policy is dangerous. Most insurance companies may not explain the importance of the coverage for mold in South Florida homeowners’ insurance policies, especially during hurricane season.

It would always be wise to check your home for mold after any hurricane damage or any water leak of any kind. Water and humidity are the perfect components for an infestation of harmful mold. It is important not to get taken advantage of, always become informed with a Miami insurance attorney and/or a Miami mold layer after any damage in your home to understand your rights. Many times our team of attorneys at PereGonza The Attorneys can guide you through the claims process and explain all your options.

Unfortunately, while some expensive policies offer mold protection, mold exclusions are sadly a common part of the average home insurance policies. If there are mold exclusions in your home insurance policy then get ready to spend several thousands of dollars to have mold remediation companies extract this toxic mold from your home. You can contact our attorneys at PereGonza The Attorneys and we can help, first by reviewing your insurance policy free of charge and explaining whether you have mold coverage under your policy or not. If you don’t, we can explain your rights and you can consider adding this to your policy to stay protected in the future.

The Dangers of Mold

Is mold dangerous to my health? Many people might ask themselves this question, not knowing the dangers of mold on both the home and the homeowner. Mold is noxious, meaning it can negatively affect your health and cause sickness. Not only that, but it also damages the structural integrity of your home, slowly compromising its architecture. Seeing as how Florida is a mold epicenter because of its warm humid weather along with hurricane vulnerability, this is something that should be included in your insurance policy as a homeowner.

It is unsafe to live with mold in your home and your family’s health within your home is crucial, it is where you live! Make sure your policy includes a mold coverage clause. Many insurance companies refuse to cover mold, even with the frequency that it affects people in Miami and all over Florida, if this is your case you need another insurance policy, plain and simple. Our team of Miami insurance litigation attorneys at PereGonza The Attorneys and our experienced Miami mold lawyers are fully equipped to review your homeowner insurance policy for free. We want to help you understand what you’re covered for, especially before hurricane season.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Household From Mold?

Now that hurricane season is approaching, it’s more important than ever to know whether or not your home insurance policy protects you from mold. The last thing any homeowner wants to do is call their insurance company and find out that the damages to their home won’t be covered. It is always recommended you work with a Miami insurance litigation attorney when filing a claim with your insurance. Our attorneys at PereGonza can help facilitate this process.

Here at PereGonza, we want to provide the homeowners of South Florida with ease of mind as hurricane season approaches. That’s why we’re offering to have professionals inspect both your home and your insurance policy free of charge. No obligations, no strings attached, contact us if you’re interested in a free mold inspection by a professional and a home insurance policy review by a PereGonza insurance attorney. With hurricane season approaching, we would like to help you do everything you can to protect both your family and your home.


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