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Should I Buy UM Coverage on My Insurance Policy?

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What Does UM Cover?

Typically, in an accident the insurance of the at fault driver will cover the damages and medical bills fo the other driver. What happens if the at fault driver does not have insurance? In this situation an individual who purchased UM coverage from their insurer has nothing to worry about. The Miami personal injury lawyers at PereGonza see on a daily basis how important UM coverage is. Uninsured motorist, or UM coverage, will help you cover your damages in an accident if you are hit by someone without insurance. In other words, with uninsured motorist coverage, your insurance will pay for the damages to your vehicle as well as cover your medical bills. If hit by an uninsured driver you need to have coverage in place that will take care of all damages.

Often times, without uninsured motorist coverage individuals involved in an accident have to pay out of pocket for all damages. At PereGonza the attorneys, our seasoned Miami personal injury lawyers have seen clients regret not having uninsured motorist coverage. Another situation many drivers find is when the driver they have been hit by is underinsured. Essentially, the at fault driver’s insurance is not enough to cover all the damages you have sustained. Typically, the coverage for underinsured motorist is bundled together with uninsured motorist coverage.

Do I Really Need UM Coverage?

Here at PereGonza attorneys, our Miami personal injury lawyers are constantly explaining the importance of UM coverage in Florida through statistics. The sad reality is that 26.7% of drivers in Florida are uninsured. In other words, there is more than 4 million uninsured drivers in Florida. Since Florida has the highest amount of uninsured drivers it’s so important to have UM coverage on your insurance policy. Florida drivers cannot prevent being on the roadways with uninsured drivers. Therefore, insured driver should protect themselves by purchasing uninsured motorist coverage.


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