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Are Flooding Damages Covered By Your Insurance?

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Are You Insured For Flooding?

Living in South Florida, one comes to understand the dangers flooding can bring. As a homeowner, the threats of flooding can become a constant source of worry. With this in mind, it may come as a surprise that many insurance policies in South Florida don’t cover flooding damages. With hurricane season always around the corner, it’s important that you understand exactly what your insurance covers. Here at PereGonza The Attorneys our flood insurance attorneys understand the intricacies of insurance policies and pride ourselves in doing everything we can to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our clients. If you’re unsure about the coverages your policy includes, we can have one of our experienced attorneys provide a free evaluation of your homeowners’ insurance policy to let you know if you are protected. Keep reading to find out more about the importance of flood coverages in South Florida.

Flood Exclusions in Homeowners and Rental Insurance

Most policies within South Florida often have flood exclusions, even in areas of high risk. Many times homeowners have to resort to finding alternative forms of insurance to protect themselves from flooding. Yet this requires homeowners’ to pay for another insurance policy, just because their homeowners’ policy doesn’t cover most flood damages. Most meaning flooding caused by external events, there are some policies that protect your home from flooding as a result of a burst pipe or overflowing plumbing. However, even these occasions may be included under a water exclusion cause found within your policy. The uncertainty that many homeowners face over what their insurance actually covers can ultimately become one of the largest concerns hanging over their heads. Here at PereGonza the Attorneys, we would like to help as much as we can by addressing the root of that uncertainty. Having one of our experienced flood insurance attorneys inspect your policy can reveal a lack of flooding coverage or more problematic exclusions which could cost you thousands in the future.

Is Flooding Insurance Required?

In Florida, Flooding Insurance is not required but many mortgage lenders require Flooding Insurance if the property is within a high-risk zone of flooding. These mortgage lenders require Flooding insurance because they understand how damaging and common flooding damage can be. According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damages were the second most filed home insurance claim between the years 2013 and 2017. Keep in mind that water damages include flooding but can also include other potential damages that can be excluded from your policy. Mold is an example of another common exclusion found within most commercial policies. Read our article on mold exclusions to find out how our team of attorneys can help you with inspecting not only your insurance policy but your home as well.

If mortgage lenders require their investments to be protected from flooding, why shouldn’t you expect the same protections from your homeowners’ insurance policy? While flooding insurance may not be legally required within Florida, most sensible renters and property owners should seek it out anyways. This means that you should always consult with a flood insurance attorney in Florida to understand your rights; expect more from your insurance companies and carefully inspect the policies which safeguard the place your family calls home.

What To Do About Flooding Exclusions.

Most commercial insurance policies won’t include protections from flooding or similar water damage. This leaves many homeowners and renters wondering how they can protect themselves from the inevitable flooding brought about by South Florida’s rainy climate. Many people choose to take out a separate insurance policy, specifically for damages associated with flooding. This can be a reasonable alternative, however, the problem is that many people take this option without fully understanding what their homeowners’ policy covers or how to explore options for additional coverage.

Here at PereGonza, we know how insurance policies work and the best ways to protect our client’s interests. Our attorneys are willing to put in the work required to make sure your insurance companies are providing you with the coverages you deserve. If you’re even slightly unsure about what exclusions your policy may have– be it for flooding, damage, or more innocuous threats such as mold — don’t hesitate to contact us for a free inspection of your homeowners’ insurance policy.


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