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Do I Need To Get Paid Even If I Get Fired?

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The notice came in and you don’t have a job anymore. You’re officially terminated but you haven’t received your paycheck for your final week of work. Whether your employer likes it or not, they must compensate you for your final week of work, even if they terminated you. Employees, even ones that aren’t the most exemplary, are owed money for their work and that payment is enforced by the law. Continue reading to find out why you’re owed a paycheck after you work and how a Miami employment lawyer can help you if you don’t receive that payment.

Clock In, Get Paid

Most people understand that they are owed payment after they perform work. However, some employees might not understand the payment they receive ultimately depends on the quantity of their work rather then the quality. People who work on an hourly basis are paid depending on the amount of time they worked, even if their employer believes their work to be subpar, they are owed payment for the time they worked. That’s not to say that an hourly employee can do no work and receive payment, rather it means that if an employee performs their duties, they are still owed payment. In the state of Florida, they are entitled to a minimum of $8.25. Employees finding themselves with lower wages, even if their work is shoddy, should contact an experienced Miami employment attorney. If the employee is actively contributing to the employer, they are owed payment for their work, even if said contributions are sub-par or below standard. If an employer believes their employee is under-performing, then their recourse is to either talk with their employee or fire them. Either option still requires the employer to pay their workers.

Getting Fired & Paid

If an employer decides to fire their worker then they must make sure to pay them their final paycheck. In Florida, workers should receive their final paycheck on their next regularly scheduled payday. However, if the employee and employer have agreed to a specific timeline for the payment of the final paycheck then employees can expect their payment to arrive then. If you aren’t sure whether such a timeline was set within your contract, then you should seek the advice of a Miami employment attorney to read over your contract.

What Happens
If You Don’t Get Paid

When you’re fired, the pay you receive should match the agreed-upon rate in your contract. If you find that you’re not being paid, or paid less than expected, then you should contact a Miami employment attorney. Federal law mandates that you be paid fairly and a failure to secure your hard-earned wage is a disservice to the employment rights afforded to you within the U.S and the state of Florida.

In Need of A Miami Employment Attorney?

Here at PereGonza, our experienced employment attorneys are willing to put in the work required to make sure you receive the pay you deserve. If you believe you aren’t receiving the pay you deserve — don’t hesitate to contact us by filling out the information block below.


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