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After an accident, you may find yourself drowning in legal correspondence and letters from your insurance company. The physical and mental toil many individuals face after an accident can leave them physically and mentally exhausted. So when you open up your mailbox one day and find a letter from your insurance company asking for an Examination Under Oath what can you expect and will you need to speak with a Miami personal injury attorney?

What is An EUO

An EUO is an Examination Under Oath. It’s a formal process where insurance agencies gather additional data about a claim.
Insurance companies send out these EUOs in order to have a more comprehensive grasp on your claim and how they plan to approach it. If you have a Miami personal injury attorney they will often prepare you for an EUO and advise you as to how you can limit and/or elaborate in your responses. A Miami personal injury attorney can also object on your behalf if there are any questions made that should not be made, if there are questions that are out of scope or if there are irrelevant questions made to intimidate you. It is always recommended that you have representation any time you are giving a statement that can affect your case like the statements in an EUO.

What Happens During an EUO

During an EUO the insured will answer questions, under oath, from an insurance company representative. During the examination, you will more than likely be questioned on the incident at hand specifically regarding the loss of the vehicle. These questions can range from how the accident occurred to what the extent of the property damage was. EUO’s are done to ensure questions are answered under threat of perjury. It is important that you consider speaking to a Miami personal injury attorney in order to discuss the possible questions to be asked and prep with a professional who is on your side.

How To Prepare for An EUO

Never attend an EUO without an experienced Miami Personal Injury Attorney with you. Your attorney will prepare you for the examination by letting you know what kind of questions they will ask. Your personal injury attorney will help you better articulate yourself, helping you avoid any instances where the insurance company representative can misconstrue your statements. During the EUO many technical questions may come up, without the help of an experienced attorney by your side you may find yourself confused by some of the questions the insurance representative asks you. Also, there can be. improper questions that are asked as a strategy to use against you later. A Miami personal injury attorney can definitely help to object to these improper questions as stated above. The point is that you should always be represented any time you give any statement under oath. We can’t stress this enough.

In Need of A Miami Personal Injury Attorney?

Here at PereGonza, our experienced miami personal injury attorneys are willing to guide you through the EUO process. If you find yourself in an accident without any legal representation- do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the information block below.


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