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What Are Policy Limits In A Personal Injury Case?

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It Depends On Many Factors

If you’ve been in a car accident, slip and fall or are involved in any personal injury case, the first thing you want to know is if you are going to be able to cover all your damages or not. This is often going to depend on what the actual policy limits for the at fault, covering insurance are. Policy limits refer to the maximum limit of payment that can be made on an insurance policy. In other words it is the most that will be paid out in the event of an injury where the covered insured is at fault.

The exact depiction of policy limits is going to vary on many factors including the coverage, insurance company, state in which the policy is covered along with many other aspects of coverage. Every case is different and every coverage and insurance company can change the limits. It is always recommended that you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in order to understand your rights and to further understand the particular complexities of what your policy limits would be in an actual case.

What Do All These Numbers Mean?

Policy limits in a personal injury case are usually going to refer to the bodily injury limits in car accidents. Usually, these limits will be described in two set of numbers, for example 10/20. This means the most the policy will pay is $10,000 per person that was injured and only $20,000 maximum in any accident, regardless of the amount of people injured. This is the same concept with 100/300 which means in summary $100,000 per person and up to $300,000 per accident.

However, the amount of recovered damages is going to depend on the injury and damages in your particular case. If the injury damages are up to $100,000 an experienced attorney can fight to obtain that amount if they win. If limits are lower like 10/20 and only one person is hurt with damages amounting to $100,000, the insurance limits will only pay $10,000 and that person is responsible for the remaining $90,000. Now, if two or three people where hurt then the limits would only pay up to $10,000 per person and only $20,000 total maximum per the accident for all three people and they will be responsible for the rest.

It sounds confusing and sometimes it can get tricky but this is exactly why you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer to really understand how to handle policy limits in your particular case. Remember this doesn’t mean you will always get limits, the case will be based on the damages and many other factors but you always should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to fight for you

PereGonza Personal Injury Lawyers

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