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Top 5 things to know about a homeowners insurance claim

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As a homeowner, property damage is bad enough to deal with, adding the hassle and headache of going through with filing your own homeowners insurance claim can be difficult and tedious, especially after a major storm or a denial from the insurance company. Most homeowners have never filed a claim in their life and as stated above, the process can be intimidating. If you have experienced property damage you should always seek the advice and orientation of a Miami property damage lawyer but here are 5 things you should always keep in mind to maximize your homeowner’s insurance claim.

1. Never wait to file a claim

Timing should be a priority after any property damage claim. The more time wasted after damages occur, the less likely the insurance company will be willing to accept the claim and have arguments to deny the claim. Also, allowing more time to pass can definitely cause more damage along with a failure to mitigate damages to the property. This failure to mitigate can be a violation of many insurance policies which can complicate your case and or cause a full denial of your claim. A Miami property damage lawyer will guide you through the process as quickly as possible to maximize your chances of just compensation.

2. Always have a home inventory and document all damages

Having an inventory before the property damage is accrued can definitely help to prove damages and keep insurance companies from wrongfully denying claims due to “preexisting damage.” Keeping detailed documentation will provide evidence and help to eliminate many bogus denials and defenses on behalf of your insurance company. Inventories will help to allocate monetary values to the damaged property and provide great tools your property damage lawyer can use to maximize your compensation.

3. Always read the policy

The policy will govern the claim every step of the way so reading and understanding your insurance. Policy will be vital to any property damage claim. These policies may be confusing as they have many legal and business terms that can be difficult to interpret but understanding these terms is the key to winning the claim. If possible, speak to a Miami property damage lawyer and have them break down the policy for you in order to fully understand what is covered for what damage. This is important because it can help you understand the potential damages you cannot avoid and those you can fight. For example, if you have a roof damage exclusion in your insurance policy then such policy will not cover any damage associated with your roof, regardless of the cause. Many Miami property damage lawyers will read and interpret these policies for free and help to guide you before it becomes an issue. If you do not understand your policy make sure to reach out to a Miami property damage lawyer for a free consultation. Our team of Miami property damage lawyers would be happy to help you understand  your policy and explain your rights. 

4. Have the right coverage

Matching the right coverage with a homeowner is essential to ending with a successful outcome. Once you understand your policy and coverage you can be proactive and make sure to insure the things that are likely to be damaged on your property. For example, in Florida, a homeowners insurance policy that covers snow damage but does not cover hurricane damage would be borderline useless. Always prepare by having the best coverage suited to your property needs. 

5. Get an attorney 

By far the most important part is having a Miami property damage lawyer that is fighting for your best interest. You must keep in mind that insurance companies have an army of adjusters and lawyers that are seeking their own best interest. Not having your own representative is the biggest mistake homeowners can make in their battle for just compensation. The insurance companies goal is to pay out the minimum amount of monies in any claim. Their goal is not to repair your home or compensate for damages but to settle out the claim for the minimum amount.  Any property damage victim should always seek the help of their own Miami property damage lawyer to maximize their results and protect their best interest at all time. 

Here at PereGonza The Attorney’s, our team of Miami property damage lawyers are ready to fight for your rights and guide you through the property claims process. The best part is that we tackle these cases on a contingency bases which means that you do not pay any attorney’s fees unless we win the case. Give us a call for a free consultation today or fill out the form below. 


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