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Personal Injury Protection pays the rehabilitative costs for you and your passengers after you’re injured in a car accident. If injured, eighty percent of all expenses for medically necessary services are covered. These services include medical, surgical, x-rays, dental, rehabilitation services (prosthetic devices, medically necessary ambulance, hospital, and/or nursing services). Services are only covered if the individual receives initial services within 14 days after the motor vehicle accident.

Personal Injury Initial Care

Initial care must be provided by a licensed physician, dentist, chiropractor hospital or facility wholly owned by a hospital, or a person or entity licensed in the state of Florida.

Personal Injury Reimbursement Benefits

Reimbursement for services and care provided above is limited to $10,000 if a licensed professional determined that the injured person had an emergency medical condition. Reimbursement for service and care provided above is limited to $2,500 if a licensed professional determined that the injured person did not have an emergency medical condition.

Disability Resulting From a Car Accident

If the individual is disabled as a result of the motor vehicle accident, sixty percent of any loss of gross income from inability to work caused by the injury in the accident, plus all expenses incurred in obtaining from other ordinary and necessary services, the injured person would have performed without income for the benefit of their household, must be paid at least every two weeks.

Death Benefits Resulting From a Car Accident

If a fatality does occur, the insurer may pay $5,000 per deceased to the administrator of the deceased, relatives by blood, legal adoption, or marriage, or to any person appearing to the insurer to be equitably entitled to such benefits. These death benefits are in addition to the medical and disability benefits provided under the insurance policy. There are exclusions in coverage that you should be aware of, two services not covered by PIP are massage therapy and acupuncture.

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