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Motorcycle Accidents: 3 Key Things You Need to Know

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While driving a motorcycle may be a convenient way to reach a destination, it is potentially more hazardous than a motor vehicle. If you have been injured in a motorcycle cycle accident, contacting a Miami personal injury lawyer is the best option towards legal settlement. 

Motorcycle accidents do not just result in physical injuries

Because motorcycles do not consist of airbags or seatbelts, the bike and rider receive all of the impacts from the vehicle they collided with. Some non-visual injuries a rider may experience are head and brain injuries, spinal injuries, and muscle and tissue damage. Riders are also at risk of PTSD as it is a common result of severe motorcycle collisions. Symptoms may include fearfulness, difficulty falling asleep, and not being able to forget the event. Miami personal injury lawyers can assist you if you are a motorcyclist who experiences any of these injuries from an accident.

Steps to take after an accident vital to a motorcycle accident claim

Following the steps below will facilitate the legal evidence your Miami personal injury lawyer will have to present during the settlement.

  • Seek medical assistance to examine your condition and injuries
  • Write down the details witnesses and those involved in the accident
  • Take pictures of the crash scene
  • Keep all medical records and paperwork given to you concerning the accident

Compensation is given to more than just your injury

If your inability to work is impacted due to your injuries, then the financial hardship will be calculated during the legal settlement. If accommodations have to be made following the crash, such as physiotherapy, the costs will also be calculated in the claim. Damages to the motorcycle and helmet will also be taken into account by your Miami personal injury lawyer.

Age and sex may also fluctuate the amount disbursed to you during the settlement. For instance, in some cases women have been given significantly more financial compensation after experiencing facial scarring. Here at Peregonza The Attorneys, we consist of Miami personal injury lawyers fit for your needs after a motorcycle accident. With our help, you may be able to recover the expenses you currently are experiencing or will experience in the future.

Article by: Lisa Casares


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