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There are almost 80 million registered dogs in the U.S, the exact number of total dogs undoubtedly larger. With that many canines, accidents are bound to happen. Florida had the second highest number of dog injuries in 2018, the sunshine state not exempt from aggressive canines. Dog bites can have lasting consequences, the physical harm they bring about, let alone the psychological trauma they can evoke. Keep reading to learn more about dog bite injuries and how a Miami Dog Bite attorney could help you.

What Injuries Can Come from Dog Bite Injuries

There is much more to dog bites than the physical trauma they cause. Dog bites can, of course, leave serious wounds and scarring. The bite itself won’t usually be that grievous, yet there can always be exceptions. A serious enough bite can leave the victim incapacitates, unable to use the bitten limb, leading to possible impairment or missed time at work. However, if you ever ask a Miami dog bite attorney, they’ll be eager to tell you there’s much more to a dog bite than the damage you can see.

The bite is not the biggest concern that arises from a dog bite injury, instead it is the possible infections that can come about because of it. Dogs have more than 600 types of bacteria in their mouths, a large number of them harmful if introduced to an open wound. When bitten by a dog it’s essential to seek out medical attention immediately, more so if the bite left you weak or nauseous. The bacteria in a dog’s mouth can cause several infections in an open wound, two of the most common bacteria being Pasteurella and Staphylococcus. Pasteurella, present in 50% of infected dog wounds, can cause swelling , painful joint movements, and even pneumonia. Staphylococcus, present in 46% of infected dog wounds can cause staph infections, skin infections that can become life-threatening if allowed to fester and grow. It goes without saying that many Miami dog bite attorneys deal with these kinds of complications when pursuing damages.

The psychological trauma suffered as the result of a dog bite can at times be just as serious and even more serious than the physical harm the victim receives. A dog bite can leave it’s victim forever changed, scared to approach dogs and interact normally in new environments. Serious enough dog bites may even leave their victims suffering from PTSD, wracked with emotional and mental anxiety as they try to live their lives.

What to Do After a Dog Bite.

The victims first priority after being bitten is to seek medical attention. The victim should take notice if the dog was exhibiting strange behavior. If the victim believes the dog that bit him was rabid then he must report his to the medical professional that treat him as rabies can be a serious disease. Once the victim has been treated then they should seek out a Miami dog bite attorney who can help them obtain any financial compensation for any damages they suffered.

Should You Hire a Miami Dog Bite Attorney

There are various types of damages you can pursue after suffering a dog bite, an experienced dog bite attorney can help navigate you in your journey of seeking financial compensation for your injuries. The most obvious compensation you could receive after a dog bite would be those to cover medical expenses.  Dog bites can leave permanent scarring and even expose bone. A proper recovery from such an injury would take time, and its fair share of medical bills. The victim could also receive compensation for the psychological trauma the dog bite caused, the compensation going towards the psychological support they might need to overcome their trauma. The victim could also seek compensation for any lost wages they may have suffered due to the dog bite. If the dog bite was serious enough it could prevent the victim from performing sufficiently at work or even attending their workplace.

If you ever find yourself the victim of a dog bite accident, we recommend that you first –seek medical attention–, and second – contact an experienced dog bite attorney. Here at PereGonza The Attorneys, we can offer a free consultation and give your insight on what the best course of action for your specific case may be. Fill out our case evaluation form for more information.


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