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Mandatory Disclosure in a Dissolution of Marriage

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What is Mandatory Disclosure?

When filing for divorce in Florida both parties are entitled to be fully informed of the other parties’ financial situation under the mandatory disclosure rule (Rule 12.285) if one requests financial relief.  Financial relief refers to things such as alimony, distribution of assets or debts, child support, or other legal expenses. Documents regarding an individual’s finances must be given to the other party within 45 days of service for a petition requesting a dissolution of marriage or a supplemental petition for modification on the respondent.

In the event that you are filing for child support, you might find our article on Child Custody helpful. In that article, some of the topics we explain are physical time sharing rights, parental rights in Florida, and unmarried parental rights.

Documents Required

There are various documents that must be exchanged under the mandatory disclosure rule.  A financial affidavit, a sworn statement that gives a comprehensive summary of the parties’ past and current financial situation, must be exchanged.

Properly submitting all the documents required under the mandatory disclosure rule can be an arduous and complex process which is why we recommend seeking legal counsel to properly aide you in the marriage dissolution process.

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