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How Can Statutes of Limitation Affect Your Case?

What are Statutes of Limitation?

In Florida certain civil complaints have a time limitation. These limitations were set to provide a deadline for when the suit must be filed. At PereGonza The Attorneys, our Miami lawyers handle: personal injury, property damage, medical malpractice cases, as well as, other areas of law. The Florida Statute of Limitations placed these limits to prevent lawsuits after a specified number of years. If the complaint has exceeded the years, the suit must be dropped.

How Does It Affect Your Case?

Florida limits the amount of time you have to file a lawsuit in order to protect the sued party from having to defend a lawsuit decades after an incident. Our Miami lawyers will explain that limits are placed to create a fair and equal opportunity for both parties involved. A statute of limitations also applies to your case to use the best possible evidence in your circumstance. Legally speaking, if you wait years to pursue a claim, that evidence may have gotten lost, damaged, or forgotten over time.

Florida Statute of Limitations For Civil Complaints.

  • Personal injury: 4 years after the incident has occurred
  • Property damage: 4 years after the damage to the property occurred
  • Medical malpractice: 5 years after the incident has occurred
  • Breach of written contract: 5 years after final judgement/ signature of parties involved
  • Breach of oral contract: 4 years after said agreement was concluded

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