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Do Attorneys Get Paid Only If They Win My Case?

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What are the Different Types of Legal Fees?

There are several different agreements between a client and their lawyer. Some of these legal fees include: hourly fees, flat fees, retainer fees and statutory fees. Our legal team will be sure to let you know what type of fee will work best for your case.

At PereGonza The Attorneys, our experienced Miami lawyers will tell you that hourly rates are a common types of fees. These fees are based on the hours that an attorney spends working your case.

Next, there are flat fees which consist of the total amount needed to pay for your legal representation. Our Miami lawyers will offer you these fees when your case is viable to a set amount of work and specific set amount of hours in order to complete the legal work. Many transactional attorneys charge flat fees on a lot of their legal representation and drafting.

Then there are retainer fees. If our Miami lawyers recommend a retainer fee, a client will normally deposit into a trust account but the lawyer can only use those fees for the hours your case is being worked on.

Finally, our Miami lawyers work with clients on contingency agreements which apply to many different types of cases.

What are Contingency Fees?

Contingency fees are fees in which the client agrees to give a percentage to the lawyer for winning their case. At PereGonza The Attorneys, our Miami lawyers will ensure access to our legal civil council for contingency based cases without charging you an initial fee for handling your case. Contingency fee attorneys like those at PereGonza will not charge clients for their time or expenses if their case is lost. Additionally, contingency fees have restrictions set by Florida Law in order to prevent excessive fee charging or collection. The use of contingency agreements allow our Miami lawyers at PereGonza The Attorneys to ensure representation regardless of your financial situation. These fee agreements do not apply to every case but a lot of complex litigation along with injury and insurance litigation may be based on a contingecy fee agreement.

When Do Contingency Fees Apply?

A contingency arrangement is only seen in cases where money is being claimed. Usually they will be cases of personal injury, worker’s compensation or medical malpractice.

Determination of Contingency Fees.

Typically, lawyers base their fees off of the difficulty of the case and the time they will likely spend working on your case. Our Miami lawyers at PereGonza will be sure to discuss the resolutions of your case in the first meeting, in order to reach an agreement. This prevents any miscommunication between the lawyer and the client.

If you feel you have a case in which contingency fees may apply please fill out your information below to setup a free consultation with a Miami lawyer.


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