Probate Law
Probate is the legal process of transferring the property of a decedent, now known as the ‘estate,’ to his or her heirs under the supervision of the probate judge. This process also involves paying off any debts left behind by the estate, including paying any outstanding taxes as well. This entire process can last between several weeks to over 1 year, depending on the complexity of the matter. There are many reasons that can add to the complexity of a probate matter. For example, not having a last will and testament, or on the contrary, having a last will and testament that is challenged by someone, can make the probate process much longer. Whatever the case may be, we strive to honor the last wishes of a deceased while advocating for the rights of heirs.

At PereGonza, our attorneys understand that these are tough times for loved ones, which is why we take a comprehensive but compassionate approach to handling these types of cases. If you have questions, concerns, or would like a free case evaluation, please contact our Doral office. We would like the opportunity to help you.

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