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United States Supreme Court Building in Washington DC, USA.

Supreme Court of the United States Ruled On LGBTQ Employment Rights.

What Did the Supreme Court Rule? Typically, the job of the Justices within the Supreme Court is to interpret the U.S. Constitution and how it shoul...

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Cleaning up dangerous fungus from a wet wall after water pipe leak at home

3 Ways to Know if You Have Mold?

How Does Mold Affect My Home? Now that hurricane season is approaching, it’s more important than ever to know whether or not your home insurance po...

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Wooden judge hammer with golden details and a legislation book beside.

How Can Statutes of Limitation Affect Your Case?

What are Statutes of Limitation? In Florida certain civil complaints have a time limitation. These limitations were set to provide a deadline for w...

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Pen on a Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement for the US Treasury to be submitted by the employer in close up in a conceptual financial image

Am I Being Paid Fairly at My Job?

What is the Difference Between a 1099 and a W-2? The Form 1099 from the IRS is a federal tax information form which reports all earnings and procee...

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Semi Truck Euro Transportation. Speeding Semi on the Highway. Cargo and Shipping Theme.

If I Was Involved In a Truck Accident Do I Need a Lawyer?

Commercial Semi Accidents Are Very Dangerous. When compared to regular car accidents, accidents involving semi-trucks are much more dangerous. The...

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A colorful collection of American national political vote badges,

Can You Get Fired for Your Political Affiliation?

Political Discrimination The state of Florida is host to millions of people with diverse political ideologies. At times, the ideologies of one ind...

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Dissapointed businessman clearing his desk after being made redundant

Can I Get Fired If I Do Not Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Is it Illegal to Be Fired During the Pandemic? Legally speaking, it depends on your individual circumstance. However, there are certain accommodat...

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Closeup of business colleagues checking diagrams and results in documents. Financial background, copy space

Do Attorneys Get Paid Only If They Win My Case?

What are the Different Types of Legal Fees? There are several different agreements between a client and their lawyer. Some of these legal fees incl...

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Angry boss yelling at his employee in office for mistakes in work

What To Do if I’m Being Discriminated Against at the Workplace?

Are You Being Discriminated Against? Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, discrimination against an individual based on race, color, re...

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Medical insurance cards on the calculator. Health care costs concept. 3d illustration

Should I Buy UM Coverage on My Insurance Policy?

What Does UM Cover? Typically, in an accident the insurance of the at fault driver will cover the damages and medical bills fo the other driver. Wh...

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