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Group of demostrators with banners protest for job and equal salaries. Protestors people holding signs and posters on global strike for unemployment. Group of multiethnic men and women protesting outdoors with placards.

What Is FLSA?

FLSA is a set of laws that lay out the protections awarded to laborers or employees by the federal government. These are standards established by law ...

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Young Asian businesswoman working overtime. BUsiness lady sitting at desk and making phone calls

Do I Need An Employment Attorney?

What is FLSA? FLSA is the protection awarded to laborers by the federal government. These are standards established by law as to how an employee mu...

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Embarrassed man reading paper or payment bill and touching his face while sitting on sofa at home

What To Do if Your Boss Doesn’t Pay You?

Every worker in Miami is entitled to fair and correct pay for all the hours or any time worked. It is unacceptable for someone to work and not get pai...

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Disabled african man sitting on the wheelchair

Understanding Disabilities in The Workplace: Why You Need a Miami Employment Attorney

EEOC Litigation According to the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission , one of the largest corporations in the world, Walmart, allegedly pai...

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Engineer, foreman and worker discussing and working in building construction site

Age Discrimination in The Workforce.

What is Age Discrimination? In many workplaces around the world, individuals are wrongfully discriminated against due to their age, with many worke...

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Real estate brokers pointed to signing agreement documents.


What Is A Settlement? A settlement is an agreement reached between two disputing parties before or during court proceedings that will end the dispu...

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Wooden judge gavel and golden rings,  divorce concept

What Happens During a Final Uncontested Divorce Hearing in Florida?

What is an Uncontested Divorce? An uncontested divorce occurs when both parties reach a consensus on the terms of their divorce. This means that th...

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Caucasian Car Thief in Action. Men Trying to Fire Up a Car Without the Key.

Was Your Stolen Car Involved In An Accident?

The Importance of Comprehensive Insurance. Comprehensive insurance coverage covers your vehicle in the unfortunate event that your car is damaged o...

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Nervous emotional young businesswoman in glasses pointing at laptop screen and scolding colleagues while checking their presentation at staff meeting

Are You Safe From Employer Retaliation?

What is Retaliation? In the workplace retaliation is any punishment directed towards an employee in response to a legally protected behavior. Many ...

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Do I Need An EUO?

After an accident, you may find yourself drowning in legal correspondence and letters from your insurance company. The physical and mental toil many i...

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