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Cropped shot of Lawyers give advice to clients in the law office.

Case Management Conferences in Florida

A case management conference (CMC) is a meeting that can either be requested by the court or one of the involved parties at any time after responsive ...

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Car model over a lot of money stacked coins on white background

What Are Policy Limits In A Personal Injury Case?

It Depends On Many Factors If you’ve been in a car accident, slip and fall or are involved in any personal injury case, the first thing you w...

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Young woman covering face with hands as she is scared after crashing in another car

Can I Sue For Damages If I Was Partially At Fault In A Car Accident?

What If I Was At Fault Too? Our firm gets many calls from real people that feel like they may have some sort of fault in an unfortunate accident bu...

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Exhausted young male cargo worker with closed eyes leaning on large container while tired from manual work in warehouse

5 Things Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Know About Overtime

Many people work their entire lives taking unreasonable abuse from their employers simply because they do not understand their rights. The worst thing...

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Truck Delivery on the Way. Semi Truck on a Highway.

5 Things You Should Do After A Florida Truck Accident

Truck accidents are some of the most traumatic road traffic accidents in Florida. These accidents have a higher potential for damage and injury, simpl...

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Family Law

Can One Parent Move With Their Child After A Divorce?

Once parents are divorced and a marital settlement agreement is in place there are still restrictions and rules to be followed in the children’s...

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Two cheerful small business owners smiling and looking at camera while standing at entrance door. Happy mature man and mid woman at entrance of newly opened restaurant with open sign board. Smiling couple welcoming customers to small business shop.

How Can My Small Business Benefit From A COVID-19 SBA Loan?

What Is The Small Business Paycheck Protection Program? Many small and large businesses have been damaged and affected in one way or another by the...

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Business Communication Connection People Concept

Your Commercial Insurance Policy May Cover The Coronavirus

Small Disclaimer For Attentive Business Owners: Your commercial insurance policy may cover the Coronavirus epidemic.  We will check your busin...

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Home Inspection For Mold

How A FREE Home Inspection Can Help You

Coronavirus Public Service Announcement We understand how alarming the COVID-19, a.k.a. Coronavirus has been over these past weeks, and we want to ...

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Real estate brokers pointed to signing agreement documents.

Benefits of Having an Operating Agreement

What happens when the owners of a business disagree on what’s best for the future of their business? Without any other owners of the business, where w...

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