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Do I Need An EUO?

After an accident, you may find yourself drowning in legal correspondence and letters from your insurance company. The physical and mental toil many i...

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Confident young bearded businessman in dark blue suit sitting at desk and recording voice message for colleague while commenting contract

What is a Recorded Statement and am I Required to Do One?

What is a Recorded Statement? A recorded statement is a question and answer interview conducted by an insurance adjuster. The answers provided are...

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Why Can A Homeowners Insurance Company Deny My Claim?

1. Insufficient Documentation One of the main reasons homeowners insurance claims get denied is not providing enough information. As a Miami homeow...

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Close up of female hands on the steering. Traveler girl on car trip, looking at the road. View over shoulder

Can an Uber or Lyft Driver Hold the Company Accountable If They Are in an Accident?

Can Uber’s Insurance Cover My Accident? In most cases, both Uber or Lyft would not be directly responsible for an accident.  The driver and th...

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Why Should I Inspect My Home For Damage and Check My Policy Before Hurricane Season?

Preparing for Hurricane Season. As a Florida resident, it is crucial to know firsthand the benefits of planning ahead during hurricane season. Dea...

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Cleaning up dangerous fungus from a wet wall after water pipe leak at home

3 Ways to Know if You Have Mold?

How Does Mold Affect My Home? Now that hurricane season is approaching, it’s more important than ever to know whether or not your home insurance po...

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Wooden judge hammer with golden details and a legislation book beside.

How Can Statutes of Limitation Affect Your Case?

What are Statutes of Limitation? In Florida certain civil complaints have a time limitation. These limitations were set to provide a deadline for w...

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Dissapointed businessman clearing his desk after being made redundant

Can I Get Fired If I Do Not Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Is it Illegal to Be Fired During the Pandemic? Legally speaking, it depends on your individual circumstance. However, there are certain accommodat...

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Closeup of business colleagues checking diagrams and results in documents. Financial background, copy space

Do Attorneys Get Paid Only If They Win My Case?

What are the Different Types of Legal Fees? There are several different agreements between a client and their lawyer. Some of these legal fees incl...

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