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Juan J. Perez 


Juan J. Perez is 100% Cuban-American… sort of…  well, he was technically born in Costa Rica, but that’s a whole other story. His parents immigrated to the United States when Juan was only three years old and brought him up on three basic principles, 1) Work hard 2) Win! and 3) If you lose, try again! We didn’t come to America just so you can fail. This upbringing instilled a “never give up” mentality that Juan has used throughout his entire life. From receiving a high school diploma from Hialeah Senior High School, to graduating with honors from Florida International University and St. Thomas University School of Law, Juan works hard every step of the way and refuses to give up.

Juan Perez has always been fascinated by puzzles and would be proud to say that he is pretty darn good at solving them. He treats each case as a puzzle, and this is what he enjoys the most about being an attorney. For many people solving a problem is difficult, for Juan it’s all about the challenge. He enjoys getting creative by thinking outside the box, being bold, and solving it differently and more efficiently.

The reason Juan has been able to help so many individuals with everyday problems is not because of his level of education or “experience,” it is because he genuinely cares and is passionate about his career. In every client, he can see himself as a father, a business owner, and a citizen of the people.



  • St. Thomas University School of Law- Miami Gardens, FL
    • 2014, Juris Doctorate, Law
  • Florida International University- Miami, FL
    • 2011, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Psychology, Magna Cum Laude



  • Florida Bar Association
  • Cuban-American Bar Association
  • Doral Chamber of Commerce